the Photographer

Well hello! Thank you for your interest in Alison Herron Photography! 

A bit about me.

I grew up in the Southern Midwest on lakes and rivers. I still feel most at home on a boat. Hay barns and long lines of hay bales will always make me miss being a kid and wish my papa was still around. I went to College. I have a degree in Elementary Education, Art, and Sociology. I spent my summers at camp. I married a man I could not have dreamed up. I lived in Delaware. I lived in Missouri. I taught in urban schools...some of my heart will always stay with those students. I lived in Arkansas. I had babies...three babies. I live in Montana. I use to dream of living in Montana and here I in Montana! I stay at home with my kids. I love to play Candy Land. I love flowers...Zinnias and Poppies and Peonies and Heliotrope and Hydrangeas. I love to drive to the quirky town nearby and smell homemade candles and wander and take pictures. I take pictures. My favorite photographs are the ones that capture expression and personality.  The pictures that show a glimpse of the beauty inside the person in the photo...the beauty that they may not even see themselves....those are my favorite. 

*photo by Marie Isler

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