Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Burlap and Lace: a wedding.

Carolina and Anthony were married on top of a hill at The Stables on the Hill just south of Fayetteville, Arkansas in June of 2011. It was hot, really, hot, and even a bit rainy on that day, but it was perfect! Carolina had taken such care and notice of each little detail making every bit of this special day beautiful. I happened to be 8 months pregnant with a baby whose gender was yet to be found out...a baby who I figured was probably another boy. All throughout my pregnancy I figured I'd have another boy and I was totally down with that. But as I watched this wedding unfold through my lens I found myself really wanting a girl! One week later Aubry J was born!!! 

Maybe one day I'll be helping her plan a wedding...and maybe it will be on a hilltop...by a stable.



  1. These are FABULOUS!!!!!! Makes me want to marry Travis all over again and have you take our pictures:)
    Going to put some of these on pinterest if you don't mind?!

  2. Thanks Ashleys! Yes Miss Vanilla Tulip...wowie wow...that's fantastic!!

  3. Those bridesmaid dresses are great! Does anyone know where they are from?

    1. SO beautiful!! I agree! She ordered them from modcloth.com and then her momma added the lace to the bottom.