Saturday, January 7, 2012

Portrait Season is on Pause.

I remember my first camera. It was a black rounded rectangle. There are pictures in an old album...ya know...the kind with the plastic that peels way back so you can arrange your pics however you please, smash the plastic back down so they won't fall out, and then wait for them to all turn a bit yellow? Yep, one of those. The album's in a rubbermaid in the bottom of my old closet. I 've always loved to take pictures. One day while on the phone with Shanz (she knows me, she gets me, we're straight with each other) telling her about how I needed to find a way to make some money while staying home with my wonderfuls, she says, "Why aren't you taking pictures??!" Truth is: I was scared. But...I did it!!

Fast forward a couple years and I stay pretty busy taking pictures. Fall Portrait Season was busy, so grateful, and now there is breathing room in my schedule once again and it feels good. 

I have lots of pics to share. Pics I want to be here if anyone is interested in checking out my photography so...I'll start with The Arkins and go from there. :)

.the Arkins family.


And last but not least...they wait for her to come home.

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