Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring and Tara.

This blog may end up reflecting the ebbs and flows of my life more than I imagined it would. When I started it there was snow on the ground (well not here in Arkansas...but somewhere...:). During the winter people don't tend to want their picture taken. So...I got deep in homeschooling, blogging and reading other's blogs. But...spring has sprung and while I have things on my mind, I've had no time to write. I've been up to my elbows in photo shoots! No one has ever accused me of being fabulous at time management or of having admirable organizational skills. Add that to having 3 who recently broke his arm, one who is still nursing, and one who is potty training...and a husband who I really love to hang out with. You can imagine that things are very busy around here! 

Nonetheless, spring brings out the smiles in people and I am so grateful for every beautiful shot I get to catch! 

Here's Tara....she doesn't know how stunning she is. I do!

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