Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pierce Family | Fall

I'll never forget taking the Pierce's son's 1 year pictures on a cold day in my kitchen! I brought every lamp in my house into this one space so that I wouldn't have to use a flash! Ha! And they just trusted me as though my approach was completely normal! Hilarious! But we did come up with some precious shots!
This time it was the daddy's turn to be adventurous! We jumped the fence of this barn that he scouted out (I normally do the scouting but this time was a bit different) and got some really beautiful pictures! Way to be be brave Pierce family! I'm so loving watching your sweet family grow! 

(And, in case you happen upon this blog, 'Thank You' to the family with the big red barn!)

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  1. Those are some adorable pictures. LOVE the last one especially. It's priceless....