Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bentz Family | Summer

It's often said that it's harder to photograph people you know...that the expectations get misunderstood, that the relationship gets messy. I've thought and thought on this and keep coming back to well...not agreeing with this. I LOVE to take pictures of people that I know! In fact I wish I could take the time to become friends with each of my clients before ever taking their picture. It helps me approach their session from a more organic (excuse the use of such a trendy word) and well rounded mindset. The only hard part of this scenario is that I kinda hate to charge them! But...this here is a that I really should make some money from so that I can keep doing what I love. So, I charge and I'm consistently refreshed and energized by spending time with people with a camera in my hand. 

The pictures below are of a family that I grew up around, my sisters' best summer stories took place where we took these pictures, a wood manufacturing company in Lake of the Ozark, Missouri. Hanging out with them, getting to watch 'EB' as a mom and her parents as grandparents was such a privilege. Bentz Family, what a gift it is to know you.  

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